About Us

About Us

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At FEEJ GEOSCOPES, we are the indigenous experts in Water Engineering, Geological, and Environmental services in Nigeria. With a decade of experience and a passion for client satisfaction, we specialize in borehole drilling, water treatment, geotechnical studies, mining consultancy, and eco-friendly practices. Our goal is to provide portable water, accurate analysis, and sustainable solutions while operating in an environmentally friendly manner. Join us as we shape a brighter future together.

FEEJ GEOSCOPES takes pride in its successful track record of industrial borehole projects. Here are some notable clients we have served:

1200m depth borehole at Grace Court Estate, MakokoGrace Court Estate, Makoko2010
2200m depth borehole at Lagos state Government house, MarinaLagos state Ministry of Work and Houses, Ikeja2010 (Subcontractor)
3220m depth borehole at Arcadia Estate, Agungi, lekkiArcadia Estate, Agungi, lekki2011
4170m depth borehole at Nestle Food PLC, Agbara, Ogun stateNestle Food PLC, Agbara, Ogun state2012 (Site supervisor)
5150m depth borehole at Unilever PLC, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos stateUnilever PLC, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos state2012 (Site supervisor)
6170m depth borehole at Nestle Food PLC, Sagamu, Ogun stateNestle Food PLC, Sagamu, Ogun state2013
7300m x 5 boreholes at New Auditorium, RCCG, Shimawa, Ogun stateWater department, RCCG2014 (Site supervisor)
8500m borehole at Lonex Garden Estate, OPIC Estate, Lagos / Ibadan ExpressWater department, Lonex Garden Estate2015 (Site supervisor)
9260m borehole at Eco Atlantic city, Victoria Island, LagosSouth Energy2016 Co-Consultant
10220m borehole at Desiderata, Abuja street, Banana IslandLambert Electromec Ltd2017
11Water treatment plant Installation. Anon Gas Plant, Ohaji2023

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